(pick one)


4 - 5 minute cinematic edit.

All day filming on location.


Short Film

8 - 9 minute cinematic edit.

All day filming plus well wishes from guests.



12 - 14 minute cinematic edit.

All day filming plus well wishes from guests and second cinematographer.



(pick multiple)

Social Tease

60 second teaser that can be rapidly edited. Most ideal for sharing on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

• 3 day edit time •


Full Ceremony

This is a cut of the full ceremony from single camera angle.



2 minute trailer to share quickly

• 2 week edit time •



5 hours of additional footage at rehearsal to be added to the Story.

This product is only available for the Short Film or the Feature.


Let's tell your story!

Don't just make memories, capture them.

Every couple is unique, and every wedding film should be too. Our structure allows you to choose the experience and details that matter most to you. Our wedding collections start at $1,500. We are based out of Silverdale, WA but offer services across the state and beyond. Let us know where your wedding will be, and we can outline any travel fees associated. Our most popular offerings are listed below.

The base for your package is your choice of our cinematic Stories. This is our specialty and is the primary product you are purchasing. After choosing a story, you can customize your package with our available Additions. We want this film to feel like you, so contact us with whatever you have in mind!

Our standard method of delivery is digital through a password protected Vimeo link, but please ask about different options. Contact us with any questions.

Coming Soon!

Super 8mm Film

In the near future we will be offering the premium service of shooting some of your wedding with Super 8mm film. This will create a beautiful vintage look and feel that will set your big day apart and make your memories all the more special.

Can't wait?


Ask John Carter how you can help expedite this wonderful new feature!

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Let's tell your story...

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